As a mother of three I am always looking for dairy alternatives because milk has always freaked me out. I’ve always wondered why we are the only animal that drinks a other animals milk and didn’t think it was right for my kids to be doing that as well. Although the hardest thing to cut out is yogurt and cheese for us, milk has never been something we’ve had in our fridge.
Making almond milk from scratch has always been a wonderful time for all of our kids at a young age. It’s always been in the same category as fingerpainting, Sandcastles, and playing in the mud. If you’ve got a little and even if they are 10 like our oldest son… Making almond milk and using the pulp is a good time. I’ve never been a real recipe girl, I’m a mess in the kitchen when I cook and things never taste the same… But somehow they do taste good every time. The best almond milk that I’ve found is filling a vita mix with a third of almonds… Organic always the best. Soak them overnight and drain in the a.m. I always fill with our fresh Kangen water almost to the top of the vita mix. Then you’ll add one or two dates, a pinch of sea salt, A dash of nutmeg, and vanilla. I’ll blend it for a few minutes to really make sure that all the almonds have given all of their nutrients to the liquid. Then I use a strainer and strain out every bit that I can. Or even sometimes use a cheesecloth, put the pulp into the bag and squeeze it out so that really all that you have left is pulpy almonds. To me and my favorite part is what comes next… I plop our 18-month-old down in his highchair outside and let them go crazy with all of that super soft pulp. It will honestly keep him busy for a good hour! You can also use the pulp to make piecrusts as well, however I’d way rather watch baby go nuts squealing and laughing! Good luck and enjoy!