Growing you own food is a big commitment, but the reward is so great, especially if you have kids involved. It’s a project that takes patience, passion and consistent care.  Have learned with having a  garden just  how important it is to have one in every family yard.

Have also learned that you don’t need a big space. If you live in the city you can get little window potters and plant herbs, and a lot of other things. You can even plot out a small grass area on your sidewalk in front of your house in the suburbs… Changing it into a garden. Have also seen that it’s contagious for other neighbors and pretty soon you could have a street filled with Gardens.

Great & easy things to grow: kale, parsley, herbs, carrots, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, and peppers. Strawberries as well really love sunshine and are easy to grow. Doesn’t take much room and is a gift that keeps giving.

We started ours with limited space and have now expanded into a pretty large garden that does take a ton of care. Getting your children involved is super smart. It has taken months of consistent effort getting our children into the garden and teaching them the proper way to weed, but wow what a difference it makes in their own well-being and also the garden.

Something so super special about having them grab some greens from the garden before we create a meal. Even if it’s just a few herbs, it teaches them that they really can sustain their healthy habits on their own??