Traveling isn’t always peaches and cream but the journey is always well worth any headache along the way. Here we are in Fiji on our 3 hour boat ride to the middle of nowhere for a month and a half unplugged!

To get here was not easy as we came from the other side of the globe. Flew from Morocco to New York City, then to LAX, then home to Hawaii to unload and reload, then to Fiji. From there we took a small charter plane to the outer islands in northern Fiji and then this long boat ride.

As a mom I would always take a nap anywhere that I could get it. True was forced to nap wherever she could too so when she did I would always try to take a catnap and those honestly saved me. Looking back though, while we did the 18 countries it was a complete blur.

To prepare to go to an outer island in the middle of nowhere you really have to have your stuff together as supplies only come in every week and a half. Amazing to see what you could live off of just from your surroundings. We ate fish and crab every day as that was abundant. But also we made an underground oven so that we could cook amazing things. We turned of the simplest ingredients into gourmet meals. One day we had homemade pizza, another coconut curry straight from the coconuts, and one night fajitas cooked on a cast iron pan over the fire.

That’s was our favorite one and a half❤️