After being in the baby fog for over a year… I’m starting to come out of it and really want to start doing this blog more often. We get so many comments and questions about different things that we do as a family for remedies, and just daily life. So today I’m going to talk about something that is not only controversial but also dear to my heart.

Weaning your children from breastmilk is a touchy subject. Some of us want to do it till they’re five, others want to do it after a few months they’ve been born, and then there are some that never get a chance to do it at all.  As a Mother of three I am so grateful that I was able to strictly breast-feed these little guys. There is something magical and euphoric that happens, and I have never taken it for granted.

With our first son Given, it was beyond easy to get him off the boob. Right around 18 months when they start to act like animals and pull your shirt down while you’re talking to a friend at the beach or at a party, I always feel  it is time. Given being our first born we were always on his level as he was the center of our universe and had no one there to divide up our attention. We simply explained it to him, told him that today was the day and he literally just stopped. Easy as pie. 

With True our second, we could distract her with a sippy cup of homemade almond milk, a pretty flower, or have her pet our sweet kitty and she’d forget she wanted the boob. Right at about 18 months she was ready as well. They both never played with the other boob while nursing. They were done when the milk was finished at each feeding, and could be literally right on schedule of two hours for meal.

This guy however, can’t be in the same room with me without wanting my boob in his mouth. From very early on he has had a octopus like suck and just loves his Nei Nei❤️ If he’s latched onto one, he’s got his hand and fingers playing with the other one… Pulling my nipple, hitting my breast, and just letting me know that they are his?. Everyone kept telling me how skinny I was around nine months and I am grateful for his breast-feeding addiction because it sucked all of my baby weight off magically and quickly. 

Around 13 months I started to really miss having my body back. I started to sleep outside under a mosquito net and my husband has taken on the role of sleeping next to him because if he smells my milk he will be breast-feeding all night! That means no sleep for me- which is what I believe being a major component in any depression I start to feel. Let’s just say This little guy is no joke and his passion to know what he wants is REAL?

For the last couple weeks I’ve let him know that pretty soon he’s going to be “all Pau” with breast-feeding- meaning no more. It’s a bitter sweet thing for me as a mother of three. Happy to have my body back but also The bonding between us is so strong and there is that selfish satisfaction of knowing that I am his everything. The crazy thing is even though he can’t talk perfect words and paragraphs he seems to know what is up and it only makes him more attached to what’s under my shirt.

Once they’re off the boob, I feel and have always felt that they really start growing twice as fast, so I am savoring it all in these last few days.

So after much consideration the best way to wean this little man is to go away for three nights. I selfishly I am super excited to be able to sleep in for two days and be with my friends with no one yelling, “mommy mommy mommy.” I’m sure as soon as I board the flight I will miss them but as of now I am counting down the hours till I can get in my car, play my music really loud and take a redeye flight by myself. Geez I might even stay up late and watch a movie on the flight??

Because this little guy sucks on demand… Which is always… I am going to have major help with the holistic world in my purse. I have read and heard from friends that a sage tincture in water three times a day can dry your milk pretty fast. I’m also going to be drinking “no milk”  tea and having cabbage leaves on my breasts To alleviate the pain that will be something I can’t ignore. 

Hoping and praying that when I return three days later he will be fine when I tell him “all Pau.” Our son is a triple Scorpio so not sure how well it’s going to go over but that is when not being a pushover is going to come into play. Just like timeouts, we have learned with our other two children that no means no and you better stick to it. So wish me luck…