First and foremost make sure the blade you are using to cut with is nice and sharp. The most dangerous blade on any knife  is a dull blade. We prefer to wait for first signs of yellow on the banana stalk, that way they are nice and plump for us to enjoy. Don’t wait much longer or the birds will start to eat them!

This one needs a couple weeks before it is ready for harvesting.

When cutting down the tree it is good to leave about three feet of stump, that way a new tree will shoot out of the middle of the stump and most likely give you another big stalk. The rest of the tree is good for mulching your surrounding area. It is fun to cut it up into small pieces and spread it around. Be careful when cutting banana trees as the blade may slice through quicker than you might expect.

Once you have cleaned up your mess grab a 6ft piece of rope and hang Banana stalk where u like. By hanging the stalk it makes for easy access to bananas and keeps critters off the gold. If you would like bananas to ripen quickly you can either wrap stalk in a towel or put into a burlap sack. We do this anyway as chickens and birds look at it like an offering and will devour it! Honor your fruit✌?️