Coconuts are amazing in so many ways. One of the most well known things about them is the water inside the nut. What most people don’t know is how different they taste at their different stages of life. They start off young and slowly get old. The younger coconuts are best for drinking as the water is most hydrating then. As they get older the water becomes fizzy and is more of a probiotic. There are so many different tastes and flavors that come along with the different ages. So if you find that you don’t like one, don’t let yourself believe that you are not a fan of coconuts all together. Try a different age and you may be joyfully surprised. Daize lives the older ones as it takes like a healthy sofa, while I prefer the younger coconut water taste.

The most hydrating nuts are likely to have no meat inside, as they get older the meat starts to form. The first stage is a slimy layer of yummy goodness and the last stage is a thick hard crunchy creamy goodness. If you find a brown coconut on the ground and cut it open you will find that the water is fizzy and the meat is thick and creamy. In order to get the young hydrating coconuts you will need to climb a tree and cut some down. Be careful as it is way harder than it looks.

After you are done drinking and eating your coconut I recommend saving them in a pile then chipping them up. Shredded coconut is second to none as an organic weed preventative in you garden. Spread a thick layer of husk around your plants and it will prevent weeds from growing as well as hold moisture for those dry days. This way you are honoring the Coco to the fullest. We hope this gives you a little insight to what we think is the most amazing tree on our planet. Honor Your Fruit!